DevLog #14 – Bad weather makes for great fight

Hello everyone!

Last time, we talked about our leveling system in project “Stasis”. Today, let’s get back to the fast-paced fighting with a short post! We will present another mechanic we introduced: weather events.

Weather events are local modifiers randomly active in some rooms. As far as possible, weather events affect both the player and the enemies. Most of them can give you an edge, but also exacerbate the danger.

Let’s review some events currently implemented in the game:

  • Blood moon: doubles all attack-related damages
  • Summer breeze: skews all bullets trajectories, and continuously pushes the player into one direction
  • Lepton mist: all shields take more time to recharge
  • Fog: greatly reduces the player visibility, except the immediate surroundings

If the current room experiences a weather event, we show its name at the bottom of the HUD. We also add some visual effects to the scene, for instance by tweaking the light, or adding an overlay of particles, as illustrated on the screenshots below.

We plan to implement many more weather events in the future. They add diversity to the gameplay and spice up the fighting. They force the player to react and adapt their strategy. We also implement some equipment that partially or fully counteract the effects of some events. For example, the Safe teleporter item removes void damage, so you don’t have to worry about the summer breeze pushing you into the void so much. Or you can have an item that speeds up your shield recharge to have more protection than your enemies when facing a lepton mist.

Weather events are a simple but important feature of project “Stasis”. Tell us what you think in the comments, and please post any ideas you want to share!

See you next time for another devlog 🙂