DevLog #24 – Adjust the world difficulty with Blessed Relics!

Hello everyone!

I released the first post-launch content update of Destroy The Monoliths a few days ago. Today, I’m happy to share that Patch v1.1a is live. It fixes a few bugs and balance issues (full changelog is at the end of the post). But it also adds a new feature to complement the content update, so let’s have a look at it together!

Blessed relics

With the content update, I reworked a bit the enemy pool. I added some new harder enemies like the Invoker or the Splitter, as well as more shielded variants of existing minions. All of that resulted in a small increase of the base difficulty of the game. The goal of Destroy The Monoliths is to offer challenging fast-paced action and I think the current balance in version 1.1 is quite fine. But I can understand it may not fit to everyone.

When creating a new world, you can select Doomed relics to increase even more the difficulty. But until now, there were no option to lower it. This is what changed! I’m introducing Blessed relics that you can pick to make the game easier. Blessed relics are all available right away, no need to unlock them like their doomed counterparts. The only penalty is that using Blessed relics will disable achievements related to winning with Doomed relics. The UI warns you about that if you have both types of modifiers selected. Some relics decrease enemy stats, others have more specific effects like nerfing the Invokers or limiting the spawn rate.

I hope you will enjoy this new feature. I think it is a valuable addition to make the game accessible to a larger player base. Depending on your mood and preferences, you get to decide if you want a more relaxed or challenging experience for your next playthrough.

Please tell me in the comments what you think of the Blessed relics! Also, keep sharing your feedback on the Steam forums, that helps me a lot to improve the game further.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

Full changelog (v1.1a)


  • Added 6 blessed relics available at the creation of a new world


  • Energy transfusion heals for 50% the amount of points (instead of 100%)
  • Power grid effect is now limited to trigger at most once per second
  • Relics upgrading Sonic ring add a half-turn instead of a full turn
  • Reduced the knockback of Shield-bullets


  • Fixed blocks turning white when detection mines explode nearby
  • Fixed Shielded yeller name in the journal

Demo build also updated to v1.1a