DevLog #26 – Try the New Gamemode Defend the Core!

Hello everyone,

I hope you enjoyed discovering the new features of Destroy The Monoliths during the Endless Replayability Steam Fest! Today is time to share about the upcoming 1.3 update. In a nutshell, a beta branch is available, so keep reading the post to learn more!

That’s quite a lot of enemies…

This update adds a new gamemode to enjoy the game in a fresh way. This mode, called Defend the Core, proposes a more classic tower defense experience.

Instead of monoliths, you are facing indestructible crystals that keep summoning minions forever. Your goal is to defend your Core and ultimately survive for as long as possible to get the highest score. XP comes from minions instead of monoliths.

The score is computed from various statistics like the number of enemies killed, resources collected, time survived, etc. The game also applies a score multiplier that depends on the number of spawning crystals, as well as the potential doomed or blessed relics activated for the run.

This mode is a compact experience compared to the default as it consists of a single endless mission. For this reason, I need feedback to properly refine the pacing and difficulty. To this end, I’m happy to release today the update in a public beta branch! You can opt to this branch in the properties of the application (see screenshot below!) and give the new gamemode a try as of right now. Please share your feedback (and bug reports) on the Steam forums to help me improve this update! It should then hit the main branch of the game in a couple months, along with new related achievements.

How to activate the beta branch in the app properties

I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts and suggestions about the new gamemode! Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

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