DevLog #11 – Fight better to shoot stronger and longer

Hello everyone!

Last week, we talked about how we generate procedural sky islands and we got a lot of positive feedback on Reddit, so thank you for that! Today, let’s give an overview of the core gameplay loop of “Project Stasis” and its two main aspects. We will then dedicate a devlog to each one in the future weeks to dive more into the details.

Each run of the game will make you travel through six archipelagos, ending with a final boss fight. Archipelago contain several islands filled with monsters. On each island, you have to defeat all the monsters in order to unlock the portals and go to the next one. This is the first element of the loop: clearing islands through fighting. This part of the gameplay requires you to adapt quickly and wisely to eliminate enemies before they hurt you. The other part of the loop, on the contrary, involves more strategy and calm thinking.

This loop is crystal clear

In the universe of these floating islands, crystals act as money and you can see on the hud two important figures:

  • How many crystals you have
  • How many crystals you produce (starting at +1 at the beginning of the run)

Each time you clear an island, your number of crystals is increased by your production value, associated to some multiplier. If you clear an island without taking any damage, you actually earn 4x your production value. This drops to 3x, 2x and 1x if you take respectively 1, 2 and 3+ hits. The better you play, the more crystals you get.

Further archipelagos will contain stronger enemies so you’d better be prepared to survive until the final boss. In some islands, you will find some monoliths that you can activate to either increase your production or spend crystals to level up. With improved gear, you can fight better and earn even more crystals. Rinse and repeat. Until victory or until death.

Today is a bit of a shorter post, but the two next devlogs, first about fighting and then about leveling up, will share more details about the game mechanics. Thanks for reading, and see you soon!