The Steam Strategy Fest is Live!

Hello everyone!

The Steam Strategy Fest has just started! I’m very happy to have Destroy The Monoliths be featured in this event! Participating in this festival was very important to be because I strive to create a unique and fun mix of action and strategy, two genres I appreciate a lot. Fast-paced execution is important in Destroy The Monoliths, but so is thinking deeply about your buildings placements and technologies picks. Should I mine for more resources or assist my turrets in fighting? Should I attack on all fronts or focus on one monolith at a time? How can I synergize the buildings at my disposal to devise unexpected death traps for enemies? These are the kind of strategic questions Destroy The Monoliths will make you ponder!

So get your best plans ready, and let’s play the Destroy The Monoliths demo and plenty of other strategy games! Click on the banner below to head to the sales page and discover the event!

Have a nice festival!

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