DevLog #20 – Automated mining rework

Hello everyone!

Destroy The Monoliths was released last week, and, first of all, a huge thanks for your support and interest! Things actually went a bit better than what I was expecting, so that’s great! I’m really enjoying seeing players engage with the game and have fun. You also shared a lot of useful feedback to help me improve things further, and I’m really grateful for that!

I already released a couple of patches to fix some annoying bugs and better balance the game. Today, I am releasing a new one that also reworks a few buildings I was not entirely happy with (and player feedback confirmed changes were needed!). So let’s dive into the details!

Automated mining rework

I reworked a few buildings related to automated mining. It was quite tedious to use the drill, and it was sometimes missing shots. I reduced the size of the building (now 1×1) and also its range so that it will only hit the 8 adjacent blocks. It is now completely reliable and can thus be used with blocks generators to mine resources.

Also, I tweaked the tech tree to make the drill a child of the matter generator (it was previously the other way around). Th reason is that using a drill without generators would not make sense because it is quite expensive and would serve only once.

That’s why I added a variation as a new building with no tech dependencies. I’m glad to present the One-use drill! It is very cheap and will destroy blocks around before killing itself. It can actually be a fast way to mine the terrain. It saves time, but costs a bit of resources.

The Cryogenic freezer had the same issue as the drill so I reworked it as well. It no longer shoots shells and will simply freeze its 8 adjacent blocks (again, it is now a 1×1 building).

I believe these changes make these buildings a lot more reliable and efficient, and thus satisfying to use. I can’t wait to see what you will come up with! Also, a few tweaks might be necessary for the sake of balance, so please don’t hesitate to share your feedback on this.

What is next?

That’s the main changes for this patch. You can read the full changelog below.

My top priority for the next few weeks remains to fix bugs and improve the game balance. But also to keep spreading the word about Destroy The Monoliths. I hope many more new players will join the community in the near future! And I will probably also need to take some rest at some point, it has been a very busy year 🙂

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

Changelog – v1.0c


  • Added a new hidden achievement
  • Added a new building (One-use drill)


  • Nerfed the Twin explosived relic (now reduces shells damage by 10%)
  • Nerfed the Parallel targeting relic (now reduces shells damage by 15%)
  • Nerfed the Bouncing shells relic (shells now loose 50% attack power after a bounce)
  • Changed arrows description to mention their lack of accuracy
  • The Colossus will attack more often
  • Buffed the health scaling of elites, titans and Colossus enemies
  • Reworked how the Drill works (smaller range but more reliable) (+ is now unlocked by the matter generator in the tech tree)
  • Reworked the Cryogenic freezer (smaller range but more reliable)
  • Reworked the Bouncing drill relic into Armed drill
  • Nerfed Sonic boomerang against the Colossus (the piercing will hit less times)


  • Fixed the aim ray not showing a second marker on the ground when using shells with the Twin explosives relic