DevLog #21 – First Look at the Upcoming Content Update

Hello everyone!

I’m glad to announce that I’ve made good progress working on the upcoming v1.1 content update for Destroy The Monoliths! Today, I want to share a bit more details about this update and show some of the new features it will bring. So let’s dive right in!

What kind of new content to expect?

I’m really excited for this update. It extends some existing features while still bringing some new fresh ideas. I think it will add a lot of depth to the game. In particular, it will allow for more diverse play styles and will increase the overall replayability. I will tell you later about the exact amount of new content, but here is a quick list of what you can expect for now:

  • More maps
  • More weapons
  • More buildings
  • More relics (including a new doomed relic!)
  • More enemies
  • Quality of life improvements
  • Bug fixes

First look at detection mines

Now let’s have a first look at a new weapon that will be part of v1.1: the detection mines! This idea was actually suggested by members of the community on the Steam forums, so I’m really happy to have implemented it in the game.

There is already a weapon called ‘Mines’ but it will be renamed to ‘Instant mines’. These explode a few seconds after touching the ground. Detection mines will be different. They remain on the ground for a very long time and trigger only when enemies step on them. So they act more like a trap. You can have a limited number of detection mines at once, so shooting a new one will replace the old past a certain threshold (some relics can increase this threshold!).

This weapon also comes with a new corresponding offensive turret. This turret will maintain its own set of detection mines placed around at random. So you can place a brunch of them and create a true minefield! Enemies will probably have a hard time getting to your Core.

That’s not all! There is another new building using detection mines: trapped walls! These maintain a mine at their top at all times. So if you block the path to force enemies to go along your walls, they will surely be blasted away!

I hope you will enjoy this new weapon! Tell me in the comments if you’re excited to give it a try!

More news for the upcoming update soon

Detection mines are not the only new weapon of the upcoming update. But that’s all I will show for today! Do not worry however, I will be back soon with more news and reveals about the update! So be sure to follow the game on Steam to not miss any post.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

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