DevLog #22 – The Free Content Update will be out on January 29th!

Hello everyone!

Last week, I shared a first look at the upcoming free content update of Destroy The Monoliths. Today, I’m very happy to announce that this update will release on Steam on January 29th at 7 PM CET / 1 PM EST! This is very soon!

I’m really excited about this update, I think it adds a lot of fun and novelty to the game. I can’t wait to see players give it a try!

Also, there will be a week long deal at the time of the release! So from January 29th to February 5th, you will be able to purchase the game with a 20% discount!

Another look at the new content

For the New Year, I released the screenshot below to tease some of the new content. Today, let’s break it down!

This new map is called Dump and has a grid shape. You probably recognize scrap blocks already present in Scrap Valley that may spawn minions. Dump has no ore blocks, but contains instead Recycled blocks that give random resources. The mining in this map will be a bit more chaotic as you will never be really sure of what you will get. Unless you have the Market building of course, because you can then exchange resources to get want you want.

The new weapon (see the icon in top left) is the Explosive beam. It works quite similarly to the laser beam but has area damage. With a couple relic upgrades, it has the potential to be quite powerful! The new building on the left is the corresponding offensive turret that shoots Explosive beams.

Previously, we could mess with enemies movement by attracting or repulsing them. The update will add another option! The new building on the right is indeed a support building that can teleport enemies to the nearest anchor. You can thus redirect all the enemies from different parts of the maps to the same heavily guarded fortress!

See you soon for the update!

I’ll see you next Monday for the release. I will also give you more details about the extent of the update in the release post. I hope you enjoyed what I have teased so far and are excited to play the new content!

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!