DevLog #2 – Give Comet Force pre-alpha a try!

Hello everyone!

Some weeks ago, I officially announced that I was working on a new game. I hope you enjoyed this first look! I have been refining my prototype since then. Unfortunately, I’ve also been quite busy with life and some other non gamedev related work. So progress has been slower than what I was aiming for. But today I’m happy to finally release a first early build of this new project! Let me introduce you to Comet Force. Please head to the page and give it a try! I’m looking forward to reading your feedback.

Comet Force is a Space Force Arena Survival Roguelike. Face events, expand your troop with more people, collect upgrades, and fight ever more waves of enemies. Will your troop survive until the end?


This pre-alpha version offers to experience the beginning of a run. Players lead a troop within an arena, tasked to survive many incoming waves of enemies. To this end, the troop will have to select events and make the best of every choice. Players need to take the best decisions to manages their resources, expand the troop, collect upgrades, and ensure they stay strong enough to survive.

Each character of the troop has a class and specialty, affecting how they fight and the type of upgrades they can get. Players control the leader of the troop while the rest of the members fight automatically. Which kind of troop will you build and what will its destiny be? It’s yours to decide!

Please keep in mind the game is in pre-alpha state and thus has very few content currently. It has the bare minimum to showcase the different mechanics and the core gameplay loop. A lot of things are work in progress and need further polishing. Here is what is available:

  • 3 classes and 3 specialties
  • 24 unique effects in the technology tree
  • 4 types of enemies
  • 5 events types, and a few different event lines

The game also offers:

  • Controller support (twin-stick shooter style) and fully remappable inputs
  • Localization into English and French

What to expect from the full game?

My goal is to work on the following aspects:

  • Add more content in terms of classes, specialties, events, upgrades, and enemies
  • Make events more dynamic, with previous choices affecting future events
  • Add intermediate and final bosses to runs
  • Add different arenas, in terms of visuals but also unique characteristics
  • Add a journal, and some kind of light meta progression
  • Add a save system

The game is in active development and the current plan is to finish it for 2025. I hope to release a Steam Demo or Playtest in 2024 though.

What is next?

My immediate goal is to promote this pre-alpha build to gather as much player feedback as I can. This will help me a lot to refine the core mechanics and ensure the game is fun to play. Meanwhile, I am also working on setting up a Steam page to start spreading the word more efficiently and build wishlist counts.

Thanks for reading this devlog, and please tell me what you think of this new game, I’m waiting for your feedback 😉

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