DevLog #4 – The Comet Force Playtest is Now Live on Steam!

Hello everyone,

Last time, I explained how I was reworking my prototype of Comet Force. Today, I am happy to report that I made a lot of progress. So much that I am releasing a Playtest on Steam! It is available right now! Head to the Steam page of Comet Force and click the green button to get instant access and give the game a try!

Share your feedback!

The game is still very much in development. This Playtest gives access to an early alpha version. It has most of the core gameplay mechanics, but still lacks content to be a proper demo. I am very interested in getting your feedback to help me refine the core gameplay loop and make sure the game is enjoyable. Once the core mechanics feel fun and cohesive, I will focus on adding a lot more content. So please share your suggestions on the Steam forums! I am really eager to discover your ideas and take them into consideration for the rest of the development.

How much content is there in the Playtest?

You can experience a run of 16 enemy waves, including 3 bosses. There are four unit types, a dozen buildings, and around 24 effects in the upgrade tree. The meta progression is however nonexistent for now, there is only one leader to play. But I think this is enough to get a feel for what the game is about. I hope you will enjoy playing and get excited to stay tuned with the development of this project.

What is next?

I need to spread the word about this Playtest! Having a playable build on Steam, even an early one, makes things so much easier to promote the game. I can now start to contact content creators and streamers. I am eager—and a bit nervous too—to see people engage with the game. Meanwhile, I will also keep working on the game: plan content, tweak things thanks to your feedback, refine my tools and development process, prepare for switching from prototyping to production.

I am very happy about reaching this new milestone in this project. I am convinced Comet Force has a lot of potential, and I hope we will build a nice community around it to make this game a great indie gaming experience! As always, thanks for your support, and see you next time!

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