DevLog #17 – One last trial to triumph of these lands

Hello everyone!

Last time, we talked about an optional race challenge we added to Project “Stasis”. Today, let’s give a few more details about the endgame. We’ll keep it short however, to avoid spoiling it too much!

Project “Stasis” is a roguelike. At each run, you will travel through archipelagos. These contain several floating islands full of monsters to fight. Your goal is to survive and clear islands until you find an exit shrine that takes you to the next archipelago. After the 6th one, you arrive to a special arena where the last trial takes place. That’s right, we are talking about the final boss!

The Crystal golem will test your skills

We designed the last boss to be a challenging fight, involving many of the game mechanics. The golem is made of different parts you have to destroy, namely four arms, a torso and a head. Each of these parts will attack you in a different way. For instance, one arm owns a special device to change randomly the weather in the arena. This may help you or will more probably exacerbate the danger. Another arm summons monsters to overwhelm and distract you. As for the others, you will have to see for yourself! One warning though: killing parts may very well anger the golem and make it even deadlier for the remainder of the fight… You’d better arrive prepared with improved gear! We don’t want to say too much, but here is a screenshot below to give you a hint of what it looks like.

The Crystal golem, final boss of your journey

Towards an alpha release

We are happy to announce that we will release an alpha build of Project “Stasis” next week, on the 26th of November! It will be available for download on our page. We will also release a post on this blog to explain what the alpha contains in comparison to the planned full version. We are very pleased with the current state of the game. Since we implemented all game mechanics, further development will almost exclusively consists of adding content (monsters, weather events, optional challenges, …) and polishing even more the existing. We feel this is a good time to release a build and get feedback to improve things before we focus on that. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for reading, and see you soon for the alpha 😉