DevLog #18 – Alpha release, will you overcome the sky challenges?

Hello everyone!

I am very excited to release today the alpha version of Project Stasis, available for Windows, Mac and Linux! If you have been reading this devlog series for some time, you know already a lot about the game… However, I kept some surprises so even diligent followers will discover new things today, like the look of all archipelagos and the brand new name of the game! I called the technical demo Under Stasis because of the plot I was planning to add. Since then, I refined the scope and remove many aspects including the narrative. That’s why I had to give the project a new name that better reflects what it has become: Skycliffs.

What is this game about? Skycliffs is a singleplayer fast-paced action shooter and resource management roguelike where you fight your way through procedurally generated multi-heights sky islands! Discover the alpha trailer right below!

Alpha features

In this alpha, you will experience full runs that consists of traveling through 6 archipelagos and facing a final boss. Archipelagos are composed of islands full of monsters. Fight your way until the exit with your gun, double-jump and dash abilities, shields and smash attack! Manage your resources to level up and improve your stats and equipment. And survive long enough to reach the last trial! This apha contains:

  • 6 archipelagos with their unique look and traps
  • 6 monsters to fight
  • 24 equipment items
  • 4 weather events adding local modifiers to islands
  • A final boss
  • An optional and occasional race minigame
  • A quick tutorial

The alpha also has remappable keyboard and mouse controls, an autosave system, some profile statistics, and is available in English and French.

I also added an option, activated by default, that boosts the amount of resources you get so that you can obtain better gear more easily and explore more thoroughly the content of this alpha. You can turn it off to get a more challenging experience.

The full game will feature more monsters, traps, items, lore and weather events, along with the missing soundtracks and enriched meta progression.

To play this alpha, simply head to our page with the link below!

I look forward to getting feedback so please share any thought or suggestion! I will also strive to fix all the bugs, problems or balance issues you may encounter. You can post comments directly on the page or on this devlog, use the contact form of your website, or even send me a message via reddit.

As always, thanks for reading, and I hope you will enjoy playing this alpha! See you soon!