DevLog #20 – Cactuses are not your best friends – v0.7

Hello everyone!

Last devlog, I shared about the content update for Lunar ridge. I’m glad to report that I’m now done with the following and third level of the game: the Cracked lands! To show some of the new content, here is a short gameplay video. You will discover the new look of the level, its enemies and the associated soundtrack “Bold Sand”. I hope you will enjoy it!

Milestone v0.7 details

  • Reworked Cracked lands visuals and environment
  • Added 4 weather events
  • Added 12 items
  • Introduced a quest leading to a new secret level
  • Updated Cracked lands arena for final boss
  • Updated OST with 2 new tracks
  • Added 9 enemies
  • Added 1 trap
  • Revamped sky backgrounds
  • Recording more stats during a run
  • Tweaked some enemy stats
  • Started to rework the journal layout with tabs for each category
  • Map teleport buttons are now disabled during optional challenges
  • Added buttons in defeat/victory screens to quick restart or quit
  • Forge menu shows equipped and unequipped items apart
  • Starting a new game when an autosave exists now requires a confirmation

What is next?

I will now work on the next level, namely Wetplains, for v0.8. The process will be very similar to the previous updates: brainstorming ideas for new items, events, enemies, secrets, …, and then implementing them. In the meantime, I am also working on the journal to improve the layout, and to add more stats and lore entries. As the game is filling up with content, it is starting to feel much more lively and that is really satisfying.

A quick note about the alpha: the free version available on will remain at v0.6 (Frost update). I think it has enough content to show what the game experience is. However, at some point before release, I might do a private beta with all the new content to address bugs, missing QoL features and balance issues.

That’s all for this devlog, thanks for reading! Please tell me in the comments if you would like more gameplay videos. Also, don’t forget to wishlist on Steam if you are interested in Skycliffs, it helps me a lot! (By the way, I made new key art for the game, I hope you enjoy it 😉 )

See you next time!