Play Skycliffs free demo on Steam right now!

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce that a demo for Skycliffs is now available! You can play it through Steam right now! Also, let’s watch a brand new trailer I edited for this special occasion 🙂


In the full game, a standard run consists of going through 5 different zones and facing a final boss.

In the demo, you explore the first two zones and fight a weakened version of the final boss. However, you have access to all equipment items currently implemented in the game, and can encounter all existing weather events and optional challenges.

Skycliffs is meant to have a very simple meta progression system to unlock different classes and start runs with various configurations. In the demo, tokens are easy to get to make sure you can unlock classes and test all the content.

Bug and feedback reporting

If you find any bugs or want to share any suggestions, please post a topic on the Steam forums. I will do my best to patch issues in the demo and I am looking forward to hearing your feedback to improve the game!

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!